(Lasiurus cinereus). Patient Number 22-1638.

Date of admission: September 5, 2022.
Reason for admission: Grounded.

Patient History:

Hoary bats are considered the most widespread species of bat in Canada and the United States, though are more common in the Pacific Northwest and prairie states/provinces. They winter in southern California, southeastern United States, Mexico, and Guatemala.

In Canada, hoary bats prefer coniferous or deciduous forests. They roost near the tops of trees frequenting wooded forests, and shaded trees along urban streets and in city parks. They forage in close proximity to water as their primary food source is in greater abundance there. Hoary bats have an important ecosystem role as pest consumers. They will feed on moths, flies, beetles, wasps, and termites, to name a few. Hoary bats are solitary, with feeding time being the only time that hoary bats appear to associate with other bat species.

Hoary bats weigh 20 to 35 g and are approximately 13 to 15 cm in length. Their wingspan is 43-45 cm and their light-brown coat is flecked with individual hairs that are ash-colored at their tips.

Hoary bats breed once per year and in the autumn. The females undergo a natural process called delayed fertilization, which allows them to ovulate in the spring. Breeding usually results in two offspring which are born after 56 days. Hoary bats give birth to their young while hanging upside down in her leafy shelter. A hoary bat's ears and eyes will open on days three and twelve, and flight will be achieved by the thirty-third day.

This juvenile hoary bat was found grounded in Calgary, AB, and was suffering from some soft tissue swelling around the nose and mouth. Since his arrival at AIWC, the swelling has substantially reduced, and he is more active and alert in his enclosure. Sadly, he has missed his migration for this year, so will remain at AIWC while he recovers until his species returns in the Spring. Thank you for supporting his care!


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Hoary Bat

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