Wilson's Snipe Print

Wilson's Snipe Print

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Print Size: 8" x 10". Landscape image orientation.
Each print comes with a 11" x 14" white mat. Prints are protected in a plant-based, compostable bag, and mailed in a stay-flat envelope.

Super Snipes

In June 2020, a small Wilson’s Snipe chick was found alone in a parking lot. He/she was running underneath cars and was in danger of being killed, so the chick was rescued and brought to AIWC for care.

Weighing only 20 grams on intake, the chick was stressed and dehydrated. Due to his/her age, the chick could not regulate their own body temperature and needed to be housed in an incubator for the first few weeks at AIWC.

The incubator was set up with foliage, sand trays, and wading dishes with bloodworms and mud. All things to reduce stress levels by trying to mimic a natural environment as much as possible.

Not long after the chick was admitted, another chick came in to care and the two chicks were housed and raised together at AIWC.

In late July, the two chicks were released back to the wild in a perfect habitat for their species.

Your support ensures more animals in need get the second chance they deserve. Thank you!

Snipe Chicks in their incubator at AIWC. Bloodworms in water help encourage the chicks to probe for food as they would in the wild.

Almost ready for release! It's amazing how quickly these little ones grow :)