Crystal Driedger x AIWC

Playful and charming, Crystal Driedger’s original acrylic and oil paintings feature vibrant colours, enchanting textures and gentle, whimsical shapes. Her work is varied and vast from murals to tiny realism in coloured pencil, from enamel pins to large scale paintings of cows - her passion projects ebb and flow with her interests.

Crystal, full-time artist and illustrator, has created beautiful artwork pieces to highlight a few of the animals AIWC has cared for in 2020. For this collection, we are featuring a Black Bear, Big Brown Bat, and Wilson's Snipe. The artwork of each animal has been created on a fine-art print, enamel pin, enamel keychain, and sticker. 

Proceeds from this collection will go to where it’s needed most: caring for injured and orphaned wildlife.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.