North American Porcupine Plush Toy

North American Porcupine Plush Toy

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The Porcupine is Canada’s second largest rodent, next to the beaver. The porcupine is a well know animal because of it quills which it is believed to have over 30,000 of them ranging from 1.2cm to 12.5cm. When released they replace them by growing new ones. They chew and feed on a variety of objects, including wood, bones, and cast-off antlers, perhaps to satisfy a craving for salt and the need to sharpen constantly growing teeth.

Porcupines are primarily nocturnal and often rest in trees during daylight hours. The bulk of their diet consists of plants, leaves, and inner tree bark. A porcupine is not always easy to see, but if you listen for their chewing, cutting of twigs, and look for missing patches of bark you will be able to spot them.

Plush toy is a 7-8" (height) Premium Quality Plush Animal.


This product is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It meets or exceeds all government safety regulation. Recommended for ages 3 and up.


To care for this product, enclose the plush animal in a pillow case or mesh laundry bag. Wash on delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low heat. Spot clean with warm water and mild soap in-between washing.