Northern Flying Squirrel Sticker

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A Tale of Four Flying Squirrels

In May, 4 Northern flying squirrel kits (the name for flying squirrel babies) were brought to AIWC for care after their nest box was accidentally disturbed. Unfortunately, the mother did not return, and with severe weather rolling in, the decision was made to rescue the young.

Each so young their eyes were still closed, and weighing an average of 21g, these kits (3 boys, 1 girl) required around-the-clock care and were fed a specialized milk formula until they were old enough to be transitioned onto solid foods and weaned. 

After 71 days in care, countless hours spent syringe feeding them, weaning them, and time spent enriching their enclosure so they could properly learn to climb and forage for food, the squirrels were released together into a colony of other flying squirrels, so they could continue to learn from adults of their own species. Your support ensures more wildlife get the second chance they deserve at life back in the wild.

Sticker Information

1.54" x 1.97". Each sticker is thick, durable vinyl and is waterproof, UV resistant, and even dishwasher safe! Free shipping for stickers!

The flying squirrel kits when they first arrived at AIWC.