Scared Skunk

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Have you ever wondered what can go wrong for a baby animal who is missing her mom? Or the trouble she may find from what humans have left behind?

Skunk shares her struggles in her true story about the loss of her mom, and an encounter with litter that leads her to the help she desperately needs.

This story is about a striped skunk kit.

Purchase your copy of AIWC’s first children’s book: “Scared Skunk” today! All proceeds from the sale of this book go towards supporting the care of injured and orphaned wildlife.

Scared Skunk is a perfect fit for children in grades K to 4, however, anyone at any age can learn from its true story and interesting skunk facts.

About the Authors

Michelle has felt a connection to animals since she was a little girl, blessed to be growing up surrounded by nature. She is passionate about living in harmony with the earth and its creatures and expresses it through her commitment to bettering the lives of animals everywhere through her work, volunteering, and educating.

Denver is 15 years old and is enthusiastic about helping animals. He became a volunteer at a young age and continues to help by researching and writing about animal issues—and by enjoying the animals in his backyard and beyond.