A. E. Bowers Elementary School Fundraiser - Window Collision Tape

A. E. Bowers Elementary School Fundraiser - Window Collision Tape

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A.E. Bowers Elementary School is asking you to buy Window Collision Tape to help protect our wild friends. 

This fundraiser will run from May 1 to 31, 2021. All profits from the sale of these items will go to where it’s needed most: caring for injured and orphaned wildlife in need.

Thank you, A.E. Bowers Elementary School for all of your support to AIWC!


Bird collisions with residential glass surfaces account for a significant number of bird deaths annually - especially during migration seasons. In order for birds to 'see the glass' and not collide subtle visible markers must be applied to exterior glass surfaces in problem areas. A new highly-effective ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Kit is now available from Feather Friendly® Technologies. It allows you to apply the same solution at home that has proven to be successful in thousands of square feet of commercial building installations. 

The kit contains the following:

  • Feather Friendly Residential Marker-Pattern Tape.
  • Measuring Tapes (2).
  • Installation Instructions (click to view full installation instructions).
  • Marker-pattern Tape coverage: One 100 ft. roll protects a glass surface (2'.5 x 6'.5 feet) or (30" x 80" inches) or (16 square feet) of glass patio door, glass panel railing, or equivalent window area.

Learn more about bird/window collisions at FLAP Canada.

Installation photo provided by Feather Friendly® Technologies.