(Taxidea taxus). Patient Number 21-332.

Date of admission: May 31, 2021.
Reason for admission: Orphaned.

Patient History:
The American Badger has a large range covering the majority of North America; they inhabit anything from grasslands, agricultural zones, and forested areas. However, their population is threatened due to habitat fragmentation from agriculture and urbanization.

Their bodies are designed for a digging lifestyle, they are short with long bodies and their short forelimbs are equipped with strong claws. Their coloring can range anywhere between grey and brown with distinctive white stripes down their face and back. Badgers are burrowing animals and live in dens which they dig themselves. These dens can be up to 10 meters deep. They are also carnivores and feed mainly on rodents, such as gophers, mice, and voles. They are however opportunistic feeders and are also known to prey on eggs, birds, and any other animals that are available.

They are solitary animals and are most active during the summer months during dawn and dusk. They are not true hibernators so during the winter they enter a state of torpor, a period where they lower their metabolic rate and activity in order to conserve their energy.

This American Badger was brought to AIWC when he was found orphaned after his mother and sibling were hit by a car. He is being cared for and fed a specialized milk formula diet until he is old enough to be released back into the wild. Thank you for helping keep him forever wild!

American Badger

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