American Black Bear Enamel Pin

American Black Bear Enamel Pin

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Pin Information
Size: 1.25". 
Hard enamel pin plated in Gold. Each pin is backed with a black rubber clutch.

A Cub in Need

On a cold snowy day in December 2019, a small male Black Bear cub arrived at AIWC for care. He had been found out of hibernation, barely able to walk, and was severely emaciated. He weighed a mere 20lbs on admission. He should have been at least 55lbs and in hibernation.

With supportive care, which included fluids, soft and easily digestible foods, the bear cub slowly and healthily regained the lost weight. It can be dangerous to overload an animal’s system with food when they are emaciated, so he was fed at routine intervals to ensure he was able to tolerate the items well.

Thankfully, no injuries were found and it is suspected his poor balance and coordination before rescue was due to his poor body condition.

The bear cub remained at AIWC through the winter. As he was so underweight, he did not go into a full hibernation, instead sleeping for 1-2 days and then waking up to feed.

In spring 2020, he was returned to the wild after being fully assessed by AIWC's veterinarian and fitted with a GPS collar. He had more than doubled in size. He is now thriving out in the wild and his collar is programmed to fall off in spring 2021.

Your support ensures more animals in need get the second chance they deserve. Thank you!

Bear cub on admission, sedated and having x-rays taken.

Bear cub in care – getting stronger every day.

Not long before release – ready for a life back in the wild.