Big Brown Bat Enamel Keychain

Big Brown Bat Enamel Keychain

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Size: 1.75". Edges are rounded.

Helping Alberta’s Bats

In September 2020, a male Big Brown Bat was found on the ground and unable to fly. His finder reached out to AIWC for assistance and one of our volunteers was able to rescue him and bring him straight to us for care.

Upon arrival, his examination revealed no significant findings, so it is possible he could have become displaced from his hibernaculum (a place where a creature seeks refuge during the winter).

With a dip in Alberta's temperatures, the bat’s chances would have been significantly decreased if he had been released immediately. The decision was made to overwinter him at AIWC’s hospital, and once the warm weather returns he will be released back to the wild in spring 2021.

Over 25 bats have received care at AIWC in 2020. Your support ensures these amazing flying mammals get the care they need.

At AIWC, we have a dedicated room that provides bats with the perfect climate and space to overwinter. Come spring, they will be moved to one of our outdoor bat flight enclosures to prepare for release back to the wild.