Blue Jay

Blue Jay

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(Cyanocitta cristata). Patient Number 24-382-383.

Date of admission: June 3rd, 2024.
Reason for admission: Orphaned.

Patient History:

Blue jays are a common sight in Alberta, known for their striking blue plumage and distinctive calls. These intelligent and curious birds are often seen foraging in woodlands, parks, and gardens, where they enjoy a varied diet that includes insects, nuts, seeds, and fruits. Blue jays are also known for their ability to mimic the calls of other birds, which adds a unique touch to their vocal repertoire. Their vibrant blue feathers are not due to pigment but the result of light scattering, which gives them their brilliant color.

In Alberta, blue jays are most active during the warmer months, where they play a crucial role in the ecosystem by spreading seeds and helping to control insect populations. They are also quite social and can often be observed in small family groups or flocks, especially during migration periods. Their inquisitive nature and bold behavior make them fascinating birds to observe, adding a splash of color and character to Alberta's natural landscapes.

Our two fledgling blue jays are on a steady path to recovery and have been quite charming guests. On arrival, they were still too young to leave the nest, but have since been moved outside to start getting used to the outdoors! They're bright, alert, and trying their best to take off, but often end up close to the ground. With a bit more care and time, we're hopeful that these little ones will soon be soaring high. Despite a few growing feathers and a minor injury, we're tending to, they're making daily progress, and we're excited to see them spread their wings and take flight soon!