Love Birds

(Bubo virginianus).

Patient Number 20-0275 (male)

Date of admission: May 27th, 2020.
Reason for admission: Damaged feathers.

Patient Number 20-2046 (female)

Date of admission: November 12th, 2020
Reason for admission: Damaged feathers.

Patient History:
Love birds of a different feather…

In the spring of 2020, a great horned owl was brought to AIWC after being found at the side of a highway, unable to fly. During his examination at AIWC, it was found that he was severely emaciated and missing wing feathers.

Unlike other birds, great horned owls do not moult all their feathers annually, instead they complete only partial moults. 

To our surprise, in November another great horned owl was brought to AIWC in similar condition. She was found in an alley being attacked by other birds. Just like the first owl, she was extremely thin. In addition, she was missing feathers from her left wing. We suspect this is a result of a methane flare based on the condition of the feathers.

At AIWC we make every effort to ensure animals are as comfortable as possible before their return to the wild. With both owls in better health, having regained the lost weight, and both needing to wait out feather moults, we decided to try and house them together. It could take 1-2 years for the owls to go through a feather moult and return to the wild.

Introducing them to one another was the right decision as the owls are bonding, which is truly heartwarming to see. They will remain together as they go through feather moults and we will provide updates on AIWC’s social media channels. Thank you for helping us to keep them forever wild!


Love Birds

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