Moose Calves Mug

Moose Calves Mug

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The Girls

After a fall down a hill, getting tangled in debris, and being separated from her mum and sibling, the first of the two moose calves in our care was admitted to AIWC for care in early June.

A farmer in the Hinton area found and freed her, but unfortunately attempts to reunite her with family were not successful, and after 24-hours the mum had still not returned, so she was brought to AIWC for care.

In August, AIWC received a call about another moose calf in need. This calf had been orphaned after her mother was killed after being hit by a car. After several other plans had fallen through, we knew we were the last hope for this calf to be rehabilitated and returned to the wild, and so we made the journey to bring this calf into hospital, Northwest of Calgary.

Both calves are thriving in our care and will spend the winter at our facility before being released in the spring. Your support ensures wildlife will always have a place to go when in need, like these girls.

Mug Information

Size: 11-ounces. Each mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. The artwork of the animal is on one side of the mug, with AIWC's logo on the other.