Snowy Owl Mug

Snowy Owl Mug

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Beating the Odds

AIWC's first patient of 2019, this adult, female snowy owl was found in a field in rural Alberta, unable to fly. She was brought to AIWC for care and upon examination, it was discovered she had several severe injuries, including both old and new fractures at the clavicle (collarbone), coracoid (shoulder), and ulna (forearm). Due to the extent of her injuries, the owl’s prognosis was guarded as even one of these injuries can be difficult to overcome.

After almost two weeks in care, her condition improved enough so she could be moved to an outdoor enclosure to continue to recuperate, which she much preferred as these birds are well adapted to the cold. 

Beating the odds against her with such severe injuries, in mid-February, she had fully healed from her injuries, and was released back to the wild, close to where she was originally found. Your support ensures owls like this snowy get the help they need so they can fly free once more.

Mug Information

Size: 11-ounces. Each mug is microwave and dishwasher safe. The artwork of the animal is on one side of the mug, with AIWC's logo on the other.