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Simply Amazing Skunks

Each year, over 50 striped skunks are brought to AIWC for care, the majority of them orphans after their mother has been relocated or killed after being considered a “pest”.

Skunks are sadly misunderstood, and those that get to know them, know how amazing and useful they can be to have around. They are incredibly important to our ecosystem, and often you will never even know if you have them in your area. Skunks feed on large numbers of agricultural and garden bugs and are mostly nocturnal.

Often, skunks will give warnings before spraying, with defensive signs being: stomping their feet, hissing, and raising their tail. A skunk’s spray is their main defensive and after a full discharge it can take up to 10 days to replenish the supply, so generally they will spray as a last resort.

This little girl was rescued after her mother was relocated, leaving at least 4 babies behind. She came in severely dehydrated, which can be fatal, especially in an animal this young. With supportive care of fluid therapy, and a specialized skunk formula, she was able to recover and went on to thrive into a healthy young skunk kit. Once she was old enough, she was released back to the wild, where she belongs. Your support helps those in need. Without intervention, this kit and her siblings would not have survived.

Sticker Information

Size: 1.97" x 1.79". Each sticker is thick, durable vinyl and is waterproof, UV resistant, and even dishwasher safe! Free shipping for stickers!

The striped skunk kit, a few days after being brought to AIWC for care.