North American Beaver Plush Toy

North American Beaver Plush Toy

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The North American Beaver is the largest rodent in North America. They are graceful, strong swimmers and can reach up to 7km per hour when needed. They are excellent engineers, building impressive dams, canals, and lodges. They communicate through low whines and bellows, and the slap of the tail on water, which warns other beavers that a threat may be near.

Beavers have extraordinary teeth. Their long, sharp, and strong incisors grow continuously. Did you know that beavers are able to fell very large trees (up to 216 trees a year)? They are most active from dusk to dawn. Midday generally finds them in the lodge, be it summer or winter.

Plush toy is a 7-8" (height) Premium Quality Plush Animal.


This product is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It meets or exceeds all government safety regulation. Recommended for ages 3 and up.


To care for this product, enclose the plush animal in a pillow case or mesh laundry bag. Wash on delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low heat. Spot clean with warm water and mild soap in-between washing.