Silver-haired Bat

Silver-haired Bat

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(Lasionycteris noctivagans). Patient Number 24-324.

Date of admission: May 31, 2024.
Reason for admission: Injured.

Patient History:

Silver-haired bats are a fascinating species found throughout Alberta, often inhabiting forested areas and roosting in tree cavities or under loose bark. With their dark fur frosted with silvery tips, they have a striking appearance. These nocturnal acrobats primarily feed on moths, beetles, and other flying insects, catching them mid-air with their agile flight. Silver-haired bats play a crucial role in controlling insect populations, making them vital for maintaining ecological balance. Despite their importance, bats sometimes have a bad reputation due to myths and misconceptions.

Silver-haired bats are vitally important for ecosystems, keeping insect populations in check. They migrate seasonally, moving to warmer areas in the winter and returning in the spring to breed, giving birth to one or two pups each year. Conservation efforts are important to protect their habitats from threats like habitat destruction and climate change. Sighting these nocturnal creatures can be a rare and rewarding experience for nature enthusiasts in Alberta.

A silver-haired bat is now getting some much-needed care at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation after being discovered in the SW area of Calgary. This tiny, 7-gram patient was dehydrated and had some mysterious spots on his wing, but thankfully no major injuries. The caring staff are giving him fluids twice a day and monitoring his progress. Despite his rough start, he's bright-eyed and active, delighting everyone with his quirky and charming personality as he gets back on his wings!