WildCall Plushies

WildCall Plushies

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Step into the enchanting world of nature with Wild Republic's exclusive line of realistic wildlife plushies, approved by Audubon and brought to life with real wild bird sounds recorded by Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Each plushie is a faithful representation of its wild counterpart, crafted to capture the intricate details that make these creatures so special.

As you squeeze these adorable plushies, you'll be transported to the great outdoors as they emit the authentic calls of their species. From the haunting hoots of the great-horned Owl to the cheerful chirps of the black-capped chickadee, experience the wonder of nature right in the comfort of your own home.

Every purchase helps support the care of injured and orphaned wildlife at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation. With species including the great-horned owl, Northern flicker, black-capped chickadee, Canada goose, barn swallow, blue jay, bald eagle, and mallard duck, these plushies entertain and educate, fostering a deeper appreciation for the wildlife found in Alberta and beyond.

Join us in celebrating the beauty of wildlife and the importance of conservation. Bring home your favorite singing plushie today!