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Donate to AIWC

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Since 1993, the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) has been a champion for the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife. Accredited through the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, AIWC serves the needs of Alberta’s diverse wildlife in Calgary and southern Alberta.

As a registered charity, AIWC relies on charitable donations and dedicated volunteers to support the more than 1,600 varied animals in need of care every year. AIWC welcomes Alberta’s injured, orphaned, and oiled wildlife, small and large, from hummingbirds to moose calves.

Our Vision

Every wild life matters.

Our Mission

AIWC is committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured and orphaned wildlife. We provide expert advice and education that fosters an appreciation of wildlife.

Over $1,000

If you wish to make a donation for more than $1,000 please contact us at or 403-946-2361.

Tax Receipts

Tax receipts are issued for donations $15.00 and over.

Thank You

The proceeds from all programs, products, and services go towards supporting AIWC’s vision and mission. Thank you for your support!