Feeder Friends

Feeder Friends

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Four the Birds is a local Alberta company that takes pride in offering high-quality and nutritious feed to the wild birds gracing our surroundings. With a commitment to providing a nourishing and healthy diet year-round, their efforts extend from aiding birds in surviving harsh winters to welcoming them back in the spring after their long migratory journeys.

We feel privileged to have such a variety of wildlife right in our backyard and believe in doing our part to support the delightful antics of our feathered friends and aid in their survival.

These meticulously crafted blends are specifically designed to attract a diverse array of birds, catering to both perching and ground-feeding species. Using high-quality ingredients in small batches ensures maximum freshness with unique, hand-pressed offerings. The incredibly popular 'No Mess Blend,' provides a nourishing and mess-free feast for birds – say goodbye to messy seed spills!

These feeders make it effortlessly easy to attract and feed the wild birds that bring joy to our natural surroundings.

  • Hollow Log Bird Feeder: Embrace nature's beauty while nurturing our feathered friends with the Suet Log. No Mess Blend. Handmade in Calgary, AB. The Hollow Log Feeder measures 4 in x 4 in x 4.5 in.
  • Pine Cone Bird Feeder: Welcome avian wonders to your outdoor haven with the Pine Cone Feeder. No Mess Blend. Handmade in AB, Canada. The Pine Cone Feeder measures 4 in x 4 in x 6 in.

Both feeders can be easily refilled with suet butter and your preferred seed blend, available at your favorite outdoor store. We recommend The Wild Bird Store located in Calgary, AB, where AIWC members enjoy a 10% discount on wild bird seed!