Northern Saw-whet Owl

Northern Saw-whet Owl

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(Aegolius acadicus). Patient Number 24-81

Date of admission: April 20, 2024.
Reason for admission: Window Strike.

Patient History:

In North America, saw-whet owls are found as far north as Alaska and as far south as Texas, although their range does not include the southeastern United States. In Alberta, saw-whet owls inhabit forested areas. They are most commonly spotted in the Foothills and Rocky Mountain regions.

Northern saw-whet owls are exclusively nocturnal, meaning that they are only active during the overnight hours. When hunting, these owls prey on small rodents such as mice and voles. During breeding season, they select natural tree cavities or old woodpecker holes for nesting. Female Northern saw-whet owls lay five to six smooth, white eggs; the female will incubate the eggs for 26-29 days.

The saw-whet owl is the smallest owl in Canada at about 12-13 cm (five inches) tall. They get their name from the call that is made when they are alarmed as it sounds similar to a saw being sharpened on a whetting stone.

This Northern Saw-whet Owl was brought to AIWC for care after accidentally colliding with a window in Airdrie. She is currently suffering from head trauma, but otherwise, has no additional fractures or injuries. She is recovering at AIWC and we are hopeful she can return to the wild soon. Thank you for providing for her care!

Northern Saw-whet Owl 24-81 was released on May 11th.